A Look at This Year

In 2018 I went back to therapy after a number of years. In 2019, I remained in therapy and started trying different medications and little life changes. I also started this blog in January 2019, so really it is my 1 year anniversary here, yay!

However, I had a mini “failure” here. My goal was to post once a week, and I super did not do that. BUT, I did start my master’s program in 2019 as well. I applied and started really quickly, and it was a lot, but I am so happy I did and continuing to do so.

As for my little life changes, I started keeping track of every day I exercised, got 7 or more hours of sleep, did not eat meat, and drank 8 or more glasses of water.

It may sound a little obsessive to keep track of all of that every day, and you’re right. So although I have made a lot of healthier choices, it also stressed me out keeping track, but here is where I ended up:

  • Days 7+ hours of sleep: 221
  • Days 8+ glasses of water: 139
  • Days exercised: 170
  • Days without meat: 200

I am proud of myself for what I accomplished this year, even where I fell short, according to my standards I set for myself. Overall, pretty damn good!

So in 2020, my resolution is to keep my same goals, but refine them.

I still may keep track, but I need to be easier on myself and not set the highest expectations. I can only do so much working full time, graduate school full time, and still see friends and family, and of course taking care of my puppy.

I still want to be healthier and I am not going to stop trying to improve, but I don’t want to feel so bad if a day I can’t do that as well.

I have said before I don’t need a new year to start a new goal – and you don’t have to have January 1 be your start date. If you do, that’s awesome. If not, do it when you’re ready. Ask for help if you need it. Ask for some extra support or motivation if you need it. I don’t advocate putting a goal off forever, but if you need more time, take it. Starting any goal at any time is awesome.

I know anything can change in a second and we only have so much time, but it is nice to take advantage of the time we do have, too.

Take care of yourself,


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