Took a Social Media Break!

For one of my classes, we had to take a time inventory for a week to really see how much time we really spend on everything. Then, we had to take something out the following week.

It was a pain in the ass, but it was interesting to see afterwards. Not surprisingly, a lot surrounds my puppy. It was basically, work, school, puppy, boyfriend, homework, social media (all throughout the day).

Well, I can’t give up anything else besides social media really. I didn’t want to give up seeing my boyfriend, and I’ve never tried to give up social media before, so why not?

I was shocked at how easy it was. I basically have my phone in my hand or by my side 24/7 and constantly opening it – half of it I am convinced is part of a compulsion now just so my hands are doing something since that is part of my ocd/anxiety already (like my excoriation, fun stuff).

Even with that aside, we all know how much a lot of us are just mindlessly scrolling through feeds for much of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I do find a lot of things I like and that are helpful. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think some of the ads I get are actually useful and are things I like that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

However, I do fall into the category where I am constantly comparing myself to others and it just perpetuates on social media. When I write it out or say it out loud, it sounds ridiculous to me. Yet when I am scrolling through it is still the “Why can’t my pictures look like that? I wonder why I don’t get as many likes. Why don’t I have more followers? I wish I was doing that”.

Then, there’s of course the factor where it just eats up my time more than I think because it is little bits throughout the whole day.

So, I uninstalled all of my social media apps. I did not look at anything. And wow, I got shit done. I still got distracted and wasn’t focused on things 100% of the time, but it did make a difference. I also felt my level of stress and anxiety go down.

I felt like I had less things to do. Which is weird, because I never have to look at social media, it’s not something I have to do or schedule into my day, and I don’t. It just happens to eat up a portion of my day. It is just a thing I constantly; something I have to look at to finish my day.

Taking that week off really allowed to relax more, as odd as that sounds.

Glad to be back (I know it’s been over a month though since I’ve actually written a blog, my bad; I forgot how much time school is, while working).

One thing I am doing is being more mindful about my relationship with social media. Since I took a break, I am not scrolling through every single thing anymore. I check a lot through the day still, but I’m not scrolling through everything to the post a I saw last to know I got through it all.

I also have an app that tracks how much I use my phone, which also tracks how much I use each individual app. If you’re an iPhone person, I think there is something like that already in the phone (don’t know what it is called). I’m not sure if Android phones do, but I didn’t take the time to look enough and like the app I have. You can also put some setting on your phone to only let you use apps for a certain amount of time a day.

In one week, I have used my phone for 21 hours and 44 minutes. ALMOST A WHOLE DAY GONE. This shit is bananas.

So, if anyone is curious how much they really use their phone, I highly suggest one of those apps or setting on your phone.

Take a break here and there, see if you can tell any differences with your mood or just your productivity or how your day is.


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