My Relaxing Activities Are Stressing Me Out

In one of my other posts, Sleeping with Anxiety , I talk about a lot of different relaxation/wind down activities I try to do before bed. I have terrible racing thoughts and it’s always been a struggle for me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of the wind down/preparation for sleep activities, my sleep has gotten better overall.

HOWEVER, I am still stressing myself out still.

How can this be? I’m doing so many things to calm down.

Well, I am very busy with my job, my puppy, squeezing in social life, etc., and all of my sleep prep.

I can’t do it all. And that’s okay.

I’m getting so stressed out and aggravated before bed because if I do all of these things to make me relax before bed, it’s midnight! Two things I’ve really been trying to work on is drinking enough water and getting enough sleep – and I’m starting to deprive myself of the actual time to sleep since I am prepping for it so much. And another vicious cycle begins.

This is literally what I’ve been trying to fit in every or most nights:

  • Catch up on at least one TV show
  • Stretch
  • Shower
  • Practice some Spanish (I have an app… 🙂 )
  • Read
  • Write/blog
  • Catch up on my calendar
  • Make my lists of things to do for the next day and check off things for the current day
  • Meditate

Now that I write all of this out and see it, what am I, crazy? Debatable, yet accurate.

Do I do all of this every night? No. Most nights I only get a few of these in and I still end up in bed at midnight. So I’m mad I couldn’t get everything in and then I’m mad I’m going to bed so late.

So here is my tip if you’re someone like me that struggles with anxiety, OCD, and sleep issues:


Just doing a couple things like taking a nice shower (using my aroma therapy body washes of course), reading a book, meditate, and sleep is good.

I can still change it up each night, too. I’m trying to go to bed even just five minutes earlier each night. You can’t do it in one night if your body clock is anything like mine.

Long story short – I need to get back to actually relaxing before bed vs. going crazy trying to fit everything in.

Happy sleeping!


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