I’ve Been 25 for two Days

Yesterday was my 25th birthday and I’m feeling some things.

I’m the kind of person that loves my birthday. I love getting a group of friends together and just letting go of any stress and having a good time, and that I did. I know some people treat their birthday like it’s no big deal and don’t like doing anything for it, but I love having another reason to just have fun.

I feel a little weird officially being 25. I always remember when I was younger wondering what I would be like when I was older. What will I look like? How much will I have changed? Will I like the same things? I used to always think I would “feel” older when I got there, like there would be some sort of click and know, “Okay now I am officially an adult.” Of course that doesn’t happen.

I don’t feel any different, but I don’t think you ever do. Then, I look back and see how much I have grown up. I’ve been making a lot of changes just this past month. I moved into a new apartment by myself for the first time. I also adopted a puppy the same week I was moving, and I’ve never had a dog before. Safe to say I’ve been extremely busy with moving and raising/taking care of a puppy at the same time, which is why I’ve been quiet on the blog for a bit.

Sometimes I get so focused on what everyone else is doing and compare myself in an unhealthy, irrational way. So something I thought about today was how much I’ve accomplished at just 25 years old and being grateful for everything I have.

I graduated college, I have a career, I support myself, I have my own place, I have an extremely loving puppy, boyfriend, family, and friends. So you know what? I am feeling pretty dang proud of myself and happy. I am 25 years old and doing pretty dang well.

I still have my bad days as we all do. I’m still struggling with my depression, anxiety, and dermatillomania. I’m still going to therapy and getting tested for PTSD among other things soon, too, but I’m okay.

If you find yourself getting down on yourself, I encourage you to think of what you’re thankful for in your life. It is so important to remember gratitude to remind yourself what you have and what you have accomplished. It’s about yourself, not everyone else.

I’m 25 years old, and I’m feeling good.


One thought on “I’ve Been 25 for two Days

  1. Hey Riley. I
    I am so thrilled for you! You have Accomplished so much in you’re 25 years of life on this beautiful earth. 💜
    Grandma would be so proud that you know that gratitude is one of the best things to focus on.
    It gets me through every day.
    . I thank God for all the gifts I have & one of the greatest gifts I have is you ! !
    You’ve graduated from college, have an awesome job, have a beautiful apartment, and are now mom to a little pup. 🐶
    You have many friends and a great big family that loves you to pieces. !!
    Happy birthday again!to you my Riley Rinkus🎉🎈🍰

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