Sometimes You Need to Shop Around

Going to therapy can be tough – especially if you have never gone before. It can even be tough if you used to go, and go back again, which is okay!

I had a therapist when I was younger and after a while, we just didn’t click anymore. I wasn’t connecting and opening up as I should have. Whether that is more on me or them, or both, it’s okay. It just wasn’t the right fit for me anymore.

I think people get scared to go to a new psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, whoever because we feel like it’s our fault if we aren’t “feeling better”. Of course we still need to try ourselves which can be really hard, but not every therapist and psychiatrist is the right fit for everyone. And it’s okay to have a preference! Maybe you’re more comfortable talking to someone that is your gender, maybe you prefer someone who isn’t, maybe you prefer someone older, maybe you prefer someone around your own age. It’s your choice.

I have been seeing my new therapist for a little over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with them. I’m more comfortable than I have ever been. There are still things I need to open up more and more about, but I’m getting there. No matter who you see that might still take some time – it’s your journey. You get to decide that when you’re ready.

Something that hasn’t worked out for me is the new psychiatrist I started seeing shortly after I went back to therapy. It was the first time I was put on medication for anxiety/depression/dermatillomania. This is something my therapist agreed I should try.

The problem with my psychiatrist was, although I know my therapist is more for talking through things, I didn’t feel comfortable with them to really open up about everything. I did enough, but I didn’t feel like anything I was saying was really received. I didn’t really get much feedback while talking with them, something just didn’t feel quite right. Nothing against them, I got the information I needed and even switched my medication when I felt like nothing changed and they helped with that.

However, I still feel this way. I feel okay enough right now that I am actually going off of my medication and I am going to get a series of testing done. I am actually really curious to see the results, so stay tuned in the next few weeks or so!

Once I get testing done, I am going to explore finding a new psychiatrist and try different medication if it’s needed.

I still have trouble sleeping, my anxiety is getting the better of me with my constant racing thoughts, I am still reacting to things in an irrational way, and my skin picking hasn’t decreased at all (which this is extremely difficult to treat via medication as there is still a lot of research going into that).

Thankfully the medication I am on is an easy one to transition off of and has no side effects for that – but of course I really have to monitor myself over the next couple of weeks and I am continuing my therapy on my regular schedule.

I can’t stress enough – do not be scared to go to a different psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, whoever, if you do not feel comfortable after a bit. Give it a try for a while, these things can take time, but if there are still no results and you don’t feel a connection, it is okay to try something new. This is your journey!


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