Refining Your Mondays

We all know the Monday blues – some know it more than others.

For me it’s been a little more tough than usual since I don’t live with my boyfriend and him and my family aren’t in the same place as me anymore. Although I love my independence and living in Chicago – it can still get lonely. Also, working from home full-time now doesn’t help the loneliness factor when I’m not going to an office most days with my co-workers.

Something I have been trying now is to make my Mondays eventful. Instead of dreading a long week, I am trying to change my mindset to have a fresh outlook. Mondays are a chance to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the week; accomplish new things.

Today, I woke up a little earlier than usual and worked from the coffee shop across from my apartment. Usually on Mondays I hit the snooze longer and it takes more effort to get moving, but I realized that made the rest of my day feel just as groggy. There’s something about getting up and out knowing what you’re going to do that puts me in a better mindset off the bat.

In the little down time I had in between meetings, I cleaned! Yes, I know not everyone loves cleaning; I don’t love it either. Although, a little spring cleaning can really perk you up once it’s all done. Just tidying up and cleaning my living room made me feel like I had my life together just that much more.

I am trying to stay consistent with this blog, too. One of the reasons I try and post on Mondays is exactly this reason. I feel like I am starting off my week off right doing something I love, and hopefully reaching some people who share similar thoughts or experiences as me.

Also, can’t forget about exercise! No matter what you do, and as difficult as it may be to get yourself going, I always feel better after I work out. I like to switch it up too so I don’t get that mundane feeling after a while repeating the same things.

To anyone that struggles on Mondays or any day of the week it feels hard to get going – push past the doubts. Push past the feelings holding you down. You got this.


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