I have gone back and forth about writing a blog for years. I’ve probably written this in my head one thousand or more times already – not counting how many times I’m re-writing this now.

A little bit about me – I’ve been in and out of counseling and therapy since I was five or six years old. This past year I started going to therapy again, before that I hadn’t seen anyone for almost five years.

This past year was the first time I was told I have moderate to severe anxiety and at least a low level of depression – also an impulse disorder that is still being heavily researched in the field (dermatillomania/excoriation). So this is also the first time taking medication for it.

Sometimes I have great days and I feel like I have everything together — other days, I don’t know how to pass the time to get through the day.

I’m realizing how important self-care and acceptance is. Sometimes you don’t realize the help you may need for a long time, and when you do, it may take even longer to accept and act on it.

So, why “Mind Me”? Although mental health has come such a long way recently, there’s still more progress to be made. There’s still a stigma and I often find myself thinking “don’t mind me…” and don’t acknowledge when I am struggling. I never want to make anyone uncomfortable. Well, I want people to “mind” me now – and anyone struggling. I know this starts with me speaking up.

I hope you’ll follow me along in my journey figuring things out. I want to share my experiences, and hopefully some of it can help not only myself but others, too.

Something I’ve found so comforting through all of this is having conversations – sharing experiences and learning someone else knows what you’re talking about. There might not be anyone close in your life that gets it, but someone does.

I’m realizing one of the things that has held me back a lot is being scared to fail. Being too vulnerable. Being embarrassed. Being compared to others. Not being good enough.

Well, here it is. I’m doing it. And it could still “fail”.

In the end, if no one reads my posts, that’s fine, because I’m still writing it. I’m tired of holding things back because I’m scared it won’t be good enough.

We are all our biggest critics. We all compare ourselves to everyone else.

So – I hope you stick around, but if you don’t, that’s cool too. 


10 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Beautiful and thoughtful writing, Riley. It always helps to get to know more about yourself – your ups and downs, happy and sad times. Taking time to identify your thoughts is always a plus. Sometimes we just are numb. It took me a long time to do this. It also helps to forgive……..yourself, family members, friends, and people we work with. Life is, as they say, too short.


  2. Proud of you Riley for sharing & your self awareness. Your truth & openess will no doubt help other who struggle 💜🍀💋


  3. So proud of you, Riley! This is a courageous first step, an accomplishment in itself. In my experience, ‘writing it down’ provides the traction that enables progress on a journey–less likely to stand in the same spot, spinning in circles. : ) May the rewards of both writing and sharing your journey fuel each and every step forward–keep your eyes on the horizon, we’re right here with you.


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